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Northwind was contracted to complete the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region VII Madison County Mines Superfund Site as a subcontractor for WAI (now Veolia). This project was split between residential properties (OU3) and Conrad Tailings (OU4). Northwind managed, engineered, and provided personnel and equipment for both phases of the contract. OU3 remediation services included remediating residences, daycares, and other public areas contaminated primarily by lead through mine waste and soil. Northwind excavated over 150,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and transported over 50,000 cubic yards of contaminated material for disposal. Northwind also planned, managed, and performed the excavation and placement of contaminated soil.

Northwind performed XRF testing for lead, soil sampling and testing. All personnel completed HAZWOPER 40-hour training, and Northwind complied with all Department of Transportation regulations for transportation of contaminated soil. Northwind was responsible for the identification, excavation, removal, and disposal of approximately 50,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil/materials, as well as for all relevant testing. Northwind was also required to establish and oversee quality and safety management, and performed significant community relations services through interacting with property owners over the course of this contract.

Northwind performed 100% of the work on this project, proving our ability to not only undertake a project of this magnitude, complexity, and scope, but to provide all services in-house. This allows us to oversee and control the quality of the planning, management, safety measures, and completion of project work while keeping costs at a minimum by avoiding unnecessary mark-up.

This was an extensive and high-profile project that required adept personnel in both craft and project management positions. Northwind's storied experience in environmental remediation projects enabled us to complete the project on time despite an increased scope of work.

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