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Northwind was awarded a $3.5M IDIQ contract with USACE Norfolk District for various services including Fuel Systems, Oil Water Separators, Abatement, Environmental, Energy Improvements and UST systems through the Norfolk District with an emphasis on Dover Air Force Base and Langley NASA Facility. Based on the success of this contract, USACE Norfolk District awarded a follow on contract for an additional $4M IDIQ that was also maximized.


Numerous task orders were awarded, some of the key Task Orders included:


  • Dover AFB Flight Line Fuel System Improvements

  • Dover AFB Fuel Facility Improvements

  • NASA OWS Improvements

  • Langley AFB Groundwater Monitoring

  • NASA Parking Lot Design-Build

  • Fort Monroe Fuel System Improvements

Northwind was responsible for site condition investigations, design, and project planning. Prior to work on a fuel system at Dover Air Force Base, Northwind had to perform site characterizing. The soil had approximately 20 soil cores taken down to the groundwater table, which was approximately 15 feet.  The cores were analyzed with a PID and the samples with the highest readings were sent for analysis.  The soil was analyzed for BTEX, TRO-DRO, and TPH-GRO.  Approximately 20 monitoring wells were installed via direct push methods within the oil contaminated area, in the vicinity of the core locations. Investigative Derived Waste (IDW) consisted of soil cuttings and development water was contained in 55-gallon drums and stored/disposed of offsite.   This task was provided for the sampling event of the 20 newly installed groundwater monitoring wells.  Groundwater samples were analyzed for the same parameters as soil sample, and that data was used to document site conditions as part of the Site Characterization Report Addendum. 

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