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Due to our storied experience in heavy civil engineering and construction management, RVFLimited offers expert procurement and permitting services for oil and gas and related industrial works. 

Our contract managers are adept at RFP composition, issuance, and evaluation; subcontractor selection and management; and equipment procurement for a wide variety of heavy civil engineering tasks.

Our seasoned team is capable of procuring additional resources, including equipment and personnel, to accommodate surge and scale for a wide variety of services.

In addition to equipment and personnel procurement, our broad planning and permitting services include:


  • Quality Assurance Planning

  • Water Management Plans

  • Pad Location Evaluations

  • Waste Management Reporting

  • Groundwater Feasibility Studies

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning (SWPPP)


  • Oil & Gas well permitting

  • SRBC/DRBC Permitting

  • UIC Permitting

  • Stormwater Permitting

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